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G.W.A. Westphal Tee GmbH

G.W.A. Westphal-Tee GmbH is supplier of the tea industry - B2B only!


Our customers are generally tea brands in the gastronomy, hotel industry and retail, tea traders, tea packers, coffee roasters and extract companies.


We are offering our partners the possibility to get everything out of one hand. Furthermore we are providing our know-how and network to realize their ideas. We like to inspire our partners by presenting them new products and new concepts.


We ship small bags, cartons or big bags direct from our different warehouses and productions in Hamburg (Germany). Miami (USA) and Marrakech (Morocco) up to complete containers from our Partners in Africa, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and China.

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We are proudly looking back to our history which has its roots in the year 1796 when Gottfried Wilhelm Alexander Westphal founded the company G.W.A. Westphal-Tee. Since the day one we are cultivating our passion for the products we deal with and the partnership to the people we work with.We are working since generations with plenty of our customers and suppliers. These values have been transmitted from generation to generation and they are the basis of our acting. We are supplier of the international tea industry and we are selling only B2B. The company headquarter is located in the “Ham burger Speicherstadt” since 1888. Our office and the Product Development are still there. Our production and warehouse are nearby in the former Freeport area. We import Black tea, Green tea and a large variety of tea specialities from all origins, trade and refine them (cleaning, blending, flavouring and homogenizing) to supply a consistent quality to our customers. Our customers are generally tea brands in the gastronomy, hotel industry and retail. We are developing tailormade teas and tea blends together with our partners which are packed and marketed under their brand name. We neither have a catalogue nor do we supply packed teas into the retail. Our subsidiary company Dried Ingredients GmbH (www.dried-ingredients.de) is a trader and processor of dried herbs, fruits and spices as well as Herbal and Fruity blends. Dried Ingredients covers the Herbal and Fruit expertise in this group, Westphal-Tee the tea expertise. This is how we are offering our customers the possibility to get their complete assortment out of one hand.

We offer our partners the opportunity to take their entire range from a single source


Product development & logistics

Carefully selected and constantly analyzed and checked products for adherence quality standards

Product Safety

100% quality in every aspect.

State of the art tea blending and herbal production facilities in Central Europe


Optimized for different demands

3 warehouses each specialized on certain product types with a total of 3250 tons of capacity


Locations in Europe and USA

Our Products

Please click on the category of your interest and you will see ore you can download our product list. For more detailed information, prices and sampling please do not hesitate to contact us.

Detail Infos


Detail Infos

Fruits and Herbs

Detail Infos

Tea blends

Our Warehousing

Fruit and Herbal

Hamburg, Germany

  • 2.500 m2 warehouse
  • Up to 500-600 tons
    of fruits, herbs, blossoms & spices
  • Pestcontrol and Treatment
  • 24 Hours surveillance cameras and manned security
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP certified


Hamburg, Germany

  • 6.000 m2 warehouse
  • Up to 2.500 tons
    of Tea
  • Pestcontrol
  • 24 Hours surveillance cameras and manned security
  • IFS and HACCP certified

US Warehouse

Miami, USA

  • 500 m2 warehouse
  • Up to 150 tons
    of dried ingredients
  • Pestcontrol and Treatment
  • 24 Hours surveillance cameras and manned security

Our Production

Tea Blending Facility

  • Four tea blending machines
  • Daily mixing capacity up to 35 to
  • Each plant optimized for different demands
  • One plant for non flavored pure black and green teas
  • Three plants for flavored speciality teas

Herbal Production Facility Germany

  • Cutting
  • Powdering
  • Granulating
  • Drying
  • Homogenizing

Standard Production Characteristics

  • Fumigation (PH3 / CO2)
  • Germ reduction
  • Sorting & Sieving
  • Packing
  • In process quality control


Partnership, service, consultancy and product development have always been cornerstones of our business.


Sweet taste profile by means of natural juice concentrates. No sugars or sweeteners are necessary (low/no calories). Exceptional fruity taste, hot and cold. Micro-encapsulated flavors with over 24 months shelf-life. The dry loose tea retains its intense aroma. Rich flavor is not lost during brewing.

Iced tea cold brew

Blended tea with cold water. One of our latest innovations is cold water brewing. The filter bag will be placed in cold water and infuses within 5 minutes to a full flavor.

Tea to go

Innovative tea bag for "take aways" in convenience stores, petrol stations, coffee shops, hotels and catering. The tea can go into the "to go cup" or a tea pot and can be easily removed by pulling the thread upwards out of the water without having to remove the tea bag from the cup or tea pot. No more dribbling or drops. Transparent nylon tea bag for valuable leaf teas and tea specialities in the premium segment. Large labels are optimal by providing sufficient space for branding.

Quick Infusion

Perfect tea in 30 seconds. A special development for the K-cup machines, pad, capsule and espresso machines espresso machines. The encapsulated tea cartridge is being placed into the machine and a complete infusion of the tea takes 20-30 seconds.

Product Safety

Product safety is one of the most important aspects in today's food & beverage industry. All our products have been carefully selected by qualified and trained experts and are constantly analyzed and checked by independent laboratories for adherence quality standards. For individual requests we can order an independent analysis for any particular standard.

Quality In Every Aspect

Tea Testing

We employ long-term experienced "tea tasters" from the industry. Sensoricial (taste) and optical testing, an evaluation of the dry tea leaf, the leaf after steeping, as well as the color of the infusion has been conducted and categorized at our facilities for over 100 years.
We test our teas with state of the art quality control equipment and compare hundreds of infusions daily. All this, enables us to optimize quality and price and develop creative product compositions while maintaining our focus on the taste of the infusions. Several centuries of experience in the tea industry, in combination with continuous improvement and development of our quality management, enables us to offer consistent quality and analytically perfect products which fulfill our customers' demands.

Laboratory Analysis

All our teas are constantly tested for unwanted residues (e.g. fertilizer, pesticides and contaminants) by specialized laboratories within the industry which undergo periodic ring tests (part of an external quality assurance program for a measuring method).
We purposely outsource this process to unbiased specialists who are capable of, and have the equipment for, the most modern, constantly updated analysis methods which satisfy the increasingly stringent criteria.


Dried Ingredients quality system checks the products at the source of origin. We have maintained long term relationships with our growers, who we personally visit on a regular basis during harvesting, in order to carefully control the overall process.
Whether handpicking, automated harvesting or technical processing - our goal is to maintain a sustainable, ecological and high quality production within our product range.

Our Certificates

We aim to offer only the purest ingredients for our products whenever possible, therefore we fulfil very clear standards for our products.

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